ZD30 Nissan Patrol – How to fit a Tillix Boost Control kit

How to fit a Tillix Boost Control kit to a Nissan Patrol ZD30
Privately owned ZD30 that Tillix Performance and Tuning worked on. Upgrades included fitting a Tillix Boost Controller.

Like advice on how to best fit a Tillix Boost Control kit? Tillix boost controllers are a popular item for 4×4 enthusiast to have fitted to Nissan Patrol ZD30 engines. Here’s a few videos created by people who have completed and installation and shared their knowledge.

Instruction Manuals – Tillix Boost Control kit to a Nissan Patrol ZD30

> Before you get started download the Installation Manuals for the full instructions for fitting and installation.

Watch the Installation Videos

Boosted Sagas

Check out Boosted Sagas video as they take you through comprehensive steps on how they fit a Tillix Boost Control Kit to a Nissan Patrol ZD30. The guys also talk a little about of the tuning side of CRD ZD30’s.

To view more from Boosted Sagas visit their Youtube channel.

Jase Reynolds

Watch Jase Reynolds from Perth WA, as he explains the steps he took to DIY fit the Tillix Kit to his Nissan Patrol ZD30.

Visit Jase Reynolds Youtube channel to watch more videos about his highly modified Nissan.

Tillix Boost Control kit for ZD30 Nissan Patrol

Have you fitted a Tillix Boost Control kit to a Nissan Patrol ZD30 and made a video?

If you have a Youtube Channel and would like to share how you fitted your Tillix we would love to see it! How did you find the installation? What’s your top tips?

Share your thoughts with other 4×4 enthusiasts by sending us an email or leave a comment below with any links to your Youtube channels.

If you have a Tillix fitted let us know how it’s going, does it work well, what’s your personal suggestions?

Leave a comment below.

Tillix Youtube

Don’t forget to check out the Tillix Youtube Channel.

As a family owned and operated business in Australia, we support other Australian manufactories that supply quality designed gear. Stay up to date with the latest and best aftermarket performance and tuning products and follow us on Youtube.

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