Boost Control Kit Nissan Patrol ZD30 Di & CRD

$195.00 inc. GST

Full boost control kit to suit Nissan Patrol ZD30 Di & CRD.

  • Choice of EGR blocking plate (CRD left, Di right).
  • Needle valve.
  • Quality silicone hose that will not split or burst under strenuous conditions.
  • Full pictorial instructions provided on USB key

All kits sent Express Post anywhere in the country FREE of charge.

(77 customer reviews)
ZD30 CRD Boost Control Kit
Boost Control Kit Nissan Patrol ZD30 Di & CRD $195.00 inc. GST
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Full Boost Control Kit –

This contains all the products necessary to install and fit the Tillix system.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 4 cm


Injection Type

Common Rail (CRD), Direct (DI)



77 reviews for Boost Control Kit Nissan Patrol ZD30 Di & CRD

  1. Matt Stock

    I purchased this tillix kit and ever since installing it my boost has been perfect, no boost bouncing, full manual control and also keeping my power input nice and steady.
    Taking control of your boost is essential in to keep your power nice and linear and this kit does exactly that.

    The support from Lindsay Burrows and his team has been absolutely incredible, always answering questions and always willing to help and give advice.

  2. Johno (verified owner)

    Part quality is top notch, fitment was perfect. Since fitting the kit I haven’t had any issues with boost. I haven’t touched it since I set it up.
    You couldn’t get any better instructions than what is supplied with the kit including clearly marked photos. Good product!!!

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Top quality product, easy as to install and awesome customer service highly recommend tillix

  4. Jorge (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, Easy to follow instructions and extremely simple to install. If you’re having boost issues, surging, spikes, the Tillix setup will solve it as easy as it for me.

  5. Damon Adams (verified owner)

    Awesome product and extremely good customer service!! Easy to set up with clear instructions!?

  6. Jason (verified owner)

    I had a dawes & needle valve setup and had problems with boost bounce, and having to readjust the needle valve often. Since fitting the Tillix kit I have had no issues. Very happy and satisfied customer, I highly recommend this product to all Patrol owners.

  7. Damian (verified owner)

    Great quality product and very easy to fit once your kids show you how to access instructions on usb stick
    Fast delivery as well

  8. Simon (verified owner)

    Easy to install and awesome product. Really does a lot of difference with boost and power. No flat spot in fourth now !

  9. Chris (verified owner)

    Very easy to install! The Patrol drives so much better now, smooth boost, and boost there when needed. This kit has to be one of the best value product for better performance! May even install a dual stage a bit later for better control.

  10. Stuart (verified owner)

    Took about 10 minuites to install, instructions are great really professional job. Even if urnot that handy with the tools, if you can read than this kit and instructions will be easy for you to fit.
    My boost was bouncing and spiking really badly and after driving it for 2 minuites i could tell it was better to drive. 2 turns in on the valve and that set it to 17psi and its so smooth to drive now, no bouncing.
    Great product thank

  11. Nathan (verified owner)

    Easy to install and made a massive difference to the torque my Patrol is now making. Can’t recommend this kit enough!

  12. Stuart (verified owner)

    Great product was here in a couple of days. Easy to install just follow instructions .Still sorting optimum settings easy to adjust

  13. Micheal (verified owner)

    Very quick postage and easy installation but best thing about it is I’m happy overall with the product installed. My car ran good before tillix now it runs even before very happy

  14. Dan (verified owner)

    Easy kit, good service, highly recommended for your ZD30! Do your research, this kit has everything you need.

  15. Christopher (verified owner)

    This kit was a lot easier to fit than I thought and was very simple to tune. I have found that the boost is now very stable where as before it was all over the place.

  16. Rian (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the whole experience of this purchase. The online store was simple and quick to use. The postage was extremely fast and the quality of the kit exceeded all my expectations. The instructions were simple to follow and my 4×4 feels like a different vehicle to drive now. Much smoother power delivery and no more concerning boost spikes!

    I emailed a question that was specific to my setup and had a knowledgeable response in a very reasonable time frame.

    I simply cannot recommend this enough.

  17. nathan (verified owner)

    best purchase for my rig yet. total different car now with running this tillix kit.

  18. Byron (verified owner)

    Awesome kit and fast delivery

  19. Isaac (verified owner)

    Had problems with my boost oscillating before this kit.

    This kit is amazing. Easy to use and instal. It’s like it has unlocked heaps of power now. So happy with this. Would recommend 10/10!!

  20. Kel Riddle (verified owner)

    Great product, Patrol is much smoother to drive and kit was easy to fit. Lindsay gave great customer service, returning calls and answering any questions promptly.

  21. Mick D

    I can’t believe that it’s the same rig.. I purchased my Tillix kit and had it installed, dyno adjusted at Caboolture Exhaust. I’d recommend this to any patrol owner and see the difference for themselves. My rig is stock has no upgraded exhaust, chip, or snorkel. Now the boost comes in nice and smooth and it drives so much better.. And no more spikes!. Tillix looks neat in the engine bay and is a very affordable upgrade to the rig. I am glad I had it done. Great work guys. ?

  22. Brett (verified owner)

    Just fitted after getting a remap done…..set at 20psi and working great no boost bounce….
    Very easy to fit and set up

  23. Chris

    Easy to follow instructions
    Only hard part was setting it all had to do about 16 laps around the block and down the highway to try and set it correctly
    Apart from that brilliant not lag what so ever and it make the pooie pulls like no tomorrow and it’s a sleek design love

    Thankyou tillix

  24. David (verified owner)

    Just fitted the tillix and everything works fine, very happy ,boost very stable, very good product

  25. Paul (verified owner)

    Very happy , easy install. Helped the flat spot off the bottom , next to no boost spike . Excellent service order Tuesday night rocked up Thursday morning

    Must do mod to a zd30

  26. Karl (verified owner)

    Fiddly to set up but once set up very smooth power noticeable right through the rev range

  27. Mick (verified owner)

    Easy to fit and adjust.
    Great kit with all components required.

  28. j.wilbow (verified owner)

    Recently installed the tillix kit and wow what a difference it has made. Boost is steady and smooth, pulls hard through each gear on boost now, well worth the money!

  29. rah94 (verified owner)

    can’t recommend enough, completely changed the car and now have piece of mind! Instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Super easy to adjust the boost and ramp rate. You’d be silly not to get one for the reliablitly! And after sales service is even better!

  30. Lachie Anning (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece of kit. Took me, who’s illiterate when it comes to being mechanical, 15 minutes to install due to the easy to follow instructions.
    Just a bit of fine tuning and the Patrol will be travelling sweet.
    The postage was super quick and the after sales help was second to none. Can’t fault Lindsay on his help before and after sale.
    I would recommend this product to anyone. Has rectified my boost bounce after fitting a 3 inch exhaust.

  31. Andrew (verified owner)

    Excellent product and after sales support. I had a problem with the USB key instructions, and upon seeking emailed copies of the instructions, received them in a very short timeframe. Highly recommend this product and business.

  32. John McAlister (verified owner)

    John Mc
    My first experience with ZD30 CRD set up, this kit was a breeze to fit, everything supplied. 1st drive required minor adjustments to set up for my liking, spent the rest of the day twiddling up and down to see how adjustable the system is. Excellent results, simple to fit and tune, anyone with a pair of snips can install.
    Thank you for an outstanding Qld made product.
    John Mc

  33. Michael (verified owner)

    Great product easy to follow instructions. Really happy ??

  34. vycommy1 (verified owner)

    Great product

  35. jonathan (verified owner)

    Very prompt dispatch and delivery, good instruction set and supporting information. Kit contained all the pieces necessary to install it. It was easy to install following the instructions provided.

  36. Glen (verified owner)

    Great quality, arrived very fast which means a lot – My local diesel tuner was able to install and tune with no issues. Much better control than the Actuator style products that I was using before!

  37. Crackacr250 (verified owner)

    Cant go wrong purchasing this product . So easy to install and set up . Very happy customer

  38. Jason (verified owner)

    Awesome product, wish I had of gotten one earlier to deal with boost issues on the zd30. Would highly recommend getting one, worth every cent!

  39. Karl Fedke (verified owner)

    I brought the Tillix control kit on the recommendation of my machanic as he said the tillex was a better more advanced unit than a Dawes valve. Delivery was fast only a day or two after l brought the kit. Once l read all the pre-installation material , the fitting was relitively simple and fast. The fine tuning of both the boost kit and needle valve took less than a half an hour each of fine tuning to get the correct turbo running pressures and start up boost. Very happy thanks

  40. Nick (verified owner)

    Awesome bit of gear. Makes the old patrol so much more drive able and more boost is a nice bonus too.

  41. Jordan (verified owner)

    Delivery only took two days and arrived in perfect condition. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Installation was fast and eliminated the annoying boost bounce and spiking I was experiencing.
    Set boost at 18 PSI for my 2009 Patrol and maximum spool rate and feels far more responsive! Well worth the money!

  42. Jmi_856 (verified owner)

    Excellent kit. Stable boost, Reduced egt, improved fuel economy, simple to follow instructions. Highly recommended

  43. Martin (verified owner)

    The service I got from Tillix was second to none, very fast response, clear answers and nothing was a problem.

    I purchased the boost controller kit, which comes with the highest quality items I’ve come across, fittings were all top notch, marked clearly – even the zip ties are supplied, every detail thought of carefully it seems.

    When it comes to the installation, I got a USB drive, with all instructions clearly described in a step by step fashion. Even the novice enthusiast would be able to fit this kit.

    The results are clear, better boost control, faster spool rate (uses slightly more fuel, go slower spool rate for better economy). I love my car, and with this kit fitted, it’s even better!

    Very happy customer, thanks!

  44. malsch (verified owner)

    The most cost effective and simplest way to fix the shortcoming of the nissan ecu, data sample rate and correction speed is simply too slow.
    The tillix is definitely the best supported and most economical way to smooth out boost bounce.
    Construction of the valve is of high quality and install instructions are extremely easy to follow.
    Easy ordering process and quick delivery.
    A small Aussie business doing it right.

  45. ohfifi (verified owner)

    I was having dramas trying to stop boost bounce to the point it was getting hard to drive. I was put onto by the Patrol forum and after fitting it to the patrol with the easy to fit USB instructions (15mins) and a bit of fine tuning with the needle valve the Patrol is going great. HIGHLY… recommended

  46. Lachlan Wilcox (verified owner)

    I absolutely love how much better it’s made my patrol feel to drive, I bought it with a Dawes valve and no needle on and it always felt sluggish so when I put a gauge on I was seeing it only went to 5psi then opened the waste gate, with the tillex and needle I’m getting consistent boost now and towing feels the same as an unloaded car, thank you much

  47. Chris Watret (verified owner)

    I was having issues every time I towed the car would go into limp mode. Since fitting the Tillix valve I have no more issues, the power delivery is smoother and it just a nicer car to drive. I highly recommend fitting a Tillix to your car. Installation was so easy. My only regret was not fitting it much earlier.

  48. m-s-clarke (verified owner)

    My boost was completely going bipolar up to 30psi the cruising at 100kmh and no boost temp going over the top, since adding this tillix system now set at 15psi cruising an absolute dream.
    Best thing ive done to my patrol 3.0ltr hand grenade.
    Thank you so much

  49. Jon (verified owner)

    Perfect – quick postage, install was easy (took less than an hour), instructions are clear and it just works. Keeps the boost at whatever level I set it, no boost bounce, EGTs are low and boost lag is gone. Loving it, well done Tillix

  50. Khon (verified owner)

    Great bit of gear fast delivery also to me in perth
    Works a lot better than dawes type valves I’ve used in the past

  51. Andrew (verified owner)

    Had a 3 inch exhaust installed and noticed over boost issues and surging when driving up hill. Bought the kit and was really unsure if I could get it setup. With the instructions it was really easy and with a quick call to Lindsay to address an issue which was a installers error lol, the car drives so much better now and no more problems. Cheers

  52. Adam cope (verified owner)

    Awesome product well made easy to install highly recommend seller and product thanks Lindsay great job and work much better than dawes and needle valve

  53. Matthww (verified owner)

    The Tillix valve works grate and I’ve had it installed for 1 year now and I still haven’t had any change or fluctuation in my original bost settings its definitely quality

  54. Angelo Cilli (verified owner)

    My CRD was Spiking to 28 psi with exhaust and egt block.. fitted the tillix and set the max to 20 psi and it works beautifully.. love the needle valve for the fine tuning to.. and it definitely allows you to deliver power how you want. Good product guys.

  55. Mark (verified owner)

    Well made kit with everything you need.
    Customer service is a class above too.
    Well done Lindsay.

  56. John Granata (verified owner)

    Would highly recommended this product. Easy to install, easy to follow instructions.
    Car now drives much smoother with the boost levels much more stable through the whole rev range.

  57. Clint (verified owner)

    After doing supporting mods to my Patrol (Y61 – GU 2007 ZD30DDti CRD) I thought it was about time to take charge of my boost. If you are on the fence about doing anything about boost control I highly encourage you to get on and do it with Tillix. I am not the most mechanical but those instructions are hard not to follow. Doing a basic “tune” of the Tillix controller and a bit of playing around with the needle control and I firmly believe this is the best the Troll has ever run, just such smooth and constant boost, easily limits boosting to what I feel is safe. I really don’t know what the ECM was ever doing right. Never had a vehicle on a Dyno but that’s where we are off to next and Lindsay is there for support all the way through. Lots of excellent learning information on the website too, get on that and have a read. Go to shop πŸ™‚

  58. Eric Zseni (verified owner)

    Yeah nah yeah fixed my overboosting problem right up can’t thank this product enough. Cheers

  59. Adrian Boyd (verified owner)

    Solid kit i was skeptical about the gains but got to admit does everything promised egt’s sit steady between 250-350 and real responsive boost now. Feels like a new car?

  60. nicko93 (verified owner)

    100% worth the money, so easy to set up up and to use. My car is running so much smoother now!

  61. tricksgonefishing (verified owner)

    Fast service excellent quality product with perfect instructions. Does the job brilliantly

  62. Glen (verified owner)

    Great service with buying.
    Very simple set up instructions easy to understand.
    Had it fitted in about 20min and tuned in to suit my needs in about 30min.
    No more boost spkies and constant boost and more power than i had before.

  63. zarikkhan27 (verified owner)

    Excellent product, changed the way my patrol drives. Excellent control with spool up and boost. Would highly recommend.

  64. Alex O’Connell (verified owner)

    Completely transformed the way the ZD30 drives! No more unpredictable boost behaviour. I do however get a couple of PSI worth of boost bounce now under hard acceleration, but nothing like the spike of the factory solenoid setup.

    Product quality is pretty good and looks a hell of a lot better than the Dawes! Though the Tillix/needle could do with some sort of mounting brackets.
    The Tillix valve could also benefit from 1/8NPT fittings at either end to allow the use of pneumatic push lock fittings with the needle valve.

    Instructions are good and were pretty easy to follow, but could be even better with a single inforgraphic with colour-coded/highlighted boost/vacuum lines.

  65. darrell.gardiner (verified owner)

    Didn’t realise how bad the patrol was running until I did this. Changed the car for the better, stronger, faster and easy to install high quality components, and instructions are clear.

  66. Darren (verified owner)

    Good product easy to fit and set up and no more limp mode. Could tell a big difference once set up.

  67. craig.wetzler (verified owner)

    Great product easy to fit. Made my zd30di a whole different car. Highly recommend

  68. Ben Callahan (verified owner)

    Good bit of kit

  69. Donn Wieser

    Good evening. Thanks for this info! Useful article!.

  70. Anto

    Kit easily installed on Patrol ZD30 with excellent power and control results.
    Excellent customer service, Lindsay is always available to provide information and advice.
    Very satisfied

    • Lindsay Burrows

      Thanks Antonello, its great to see my products being well received all around the world on the mighty ZD30 Patrol!

  71. John Burton (verified owner)

    Express post my arse. I ordered last Sunday a week later I’m still waiting

    • Lindsay Burrows

      Hi John,
      The kit was ordered at 8:07PM on monday the 18th of May. We generally can get kits sent out the same business day if the order is made before about 3pm (and we try our hardest to make that happen to keep up that reputation we have of speedy service)
      Due to the time of the order the parcel was not lodged until the following business day 19th of May.
      Im not sure if you are aware of Australia posts backlog and delay in their system at the moment due to the covid pandemic. But suffice to say things are turning over alot slower than usual at the moment.
      So it is our apologies that things have not gone smoothly. But, unfortunately, when something of this magnitude comes around we are at the mercy of the delivery drivers and postal system (trying to keep it with Aussie owned rather than using DHL or overseas freight carriers)

  72. Richard Klein-Beernink (verified owner)

    Bought Friday here Monday easy install wow what difference very happy cheers

  73. PAUL ANDRZJCZAK (verified owner)

    I purchase a kit for our 08 CRD GU Patrol a few weeks ago, it arrived quick and safely.

    Fitment is a total breeze with the perfect and faultless supplied instructions

    GU instantly drive better with greater boost control, still playing and adjusting working out the optimum setting.

  74. jonathan sytsma (verified owner)

    easy fit happy with results! thanks!!

  75. Mark Trost (verified owner)

    I can’t thank you enough!! This should be the first modification anyone does to a zd30 patrol!! What a difference. This system has made my patrol completely different, steady consistent power, no flat spots, no fluctuations, no over boost or boost loss for no reason. Installed in 15 minutes, it took me longer to work my computer, and set up to my liking in another 15. Easily adjustable. Well done on fixing Nissan’s flaw.

    • Lindsay Burrows

      Thank you for the feedback Mark!

  76. Markus Kottek (verified owner)

    Works perfect!! Had it installed just yesterday and what a difference it makes! Super fast delivery to austria – only took 6 days πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»! Really good product and good quality!
    Thank you very much and greets from austria Kotti!

  77. Caleb Witthaus (verified owner)

    Easy install, quick delivery, great customer service wish I did it sooner

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