Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Find answers to some of the more common Tillix questions. If you don’t find what you are looking for contact Lindsay at Tillix Performance and Tuning.

I am getting a chip or remap that controls the boost. Will the Tillix system still work.

Yes! Although the chip or remap can control the boost, it is still using the factory hardware to do so. By fitting the Tillix instead, you remove any possibility of the computer, associated valves and hardware causing issues down the track.

How much boost can I run?

There is no one size fits all answer for this unfortunately. Some of the early Di Models suffer badly from limp mode caused by higher boost levels. As a general rule of thumb. 15Psi for a Di, and 18psi for a CRD should provide a starting point that you can work with.

If I block my EGR will it cause errors?

On a Di, no it will not. On a CRD, it may. Some do and some do not. If the check engine light does become a problem you can drill a 4mm hole in the plate, this allows just enough exhaust gas through to keep the computer happy. Or you can get a ScanGauge and clear it should it come up every now and then.

I am using another brand of boost controller, can I just upgrade the valve and leave the rest of the kit alone?

Yes you can upgrade just the valve alone. However, If you are having problems with your current setup it would be advisable to purchase a full kit instead.

Can I install the Tillix kit at home or do I have to take it to a shop.

The only part of the installation that may have completed by a shop is having a fitting welded onto an intercooler pipe. Most local exhaust shops would perform this task for $10 or less while you wait. Another option is to use the boost adaptor and pickup your boost from that instead (This is not the most ideal way of doing it though).

Do I need a boost and EGT gauge to fit the Tillix system.

A boost gauge is 100% necessary to tune the system but an EGT gauge is not. If you are looking to buy these gauges, REDARC make a very good product that combines the two into a nice single gauge that has alarms in it for overboost and high EGT.

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