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Mechanical Diesel Engine Tuning

Before you start playing with your engine, learn about diesel chips, performance products, diesel remapping, engine tuning, intercoolers and how those all work together in your diesel engine vehicle.

Types of Turbos & Effects on Exhausts

Wastegated Turbos In a wastegated turbo, a certain percentage of the exhaust gas will bypass the main turbine wheel to limit how fast it spins (reducing or limiting boost pressure). It is imperative that a large open dump pipe be used in this system to promote mixing of wastegate gas, and turbine gas. As most […]

Air Density Explained

The cooler air is, the more oxygen content is available in a given amount of it.The more pressure the air is under, the more oxygen content is available in a given amount of it. So it is easy to see, there are two effective ways of increasing our engines supply of fresh oxygen (Things such […]

How Air Fuel Ratio Works

Without going into the science of it, I will attempt to explain in very simple terms how it works. Each car is different so I will be using average figures when I talk figures later on. AFR is Directly Proportional to EGT Air is measured in weight (yes it weighs something ) generally measured in […]

EGR – How it works & what it does

EGR is designed for one purpose, to reduce the amount of NoX or Oxides of Nitrogen produced by the combustion process. Two main factors contribute to NoX generation. Temperature and Pressure By passing burnt exhaust gas back into the intake system, we reduce the amount of fresh air available for the fuel to mix and […]

Injection Timing – How it affects power, torque and economy

Many chips these days claim to do injection timing. Most of them through sheer ignorance or lack of knowledge confuse injection open time (injector extender) with actual injector opening time. Sounds very similar again, but is vastly different. The ECU reads the Crank Angle Sensor to determine which piston is next in line for an […]

Car Chip Brands Explained – Who does what and how they do it!

With so many ‘Chip’ manufacturers out there these days it can be very confusing for anybody thats looking to buy one. It has also become common place for retailers and manufacturers to lie about products, place false advertising on web sites and generally try to win their way to the sale through misleading statements and […]

Dangers and Limitations

Diesel tuning is very dangerous to amateurs. As more fuel almost always results in more power, some people can get carried away with it. Unless you have the proper equipment (boost gauge and EGT minimum) I would strongly urge you to either leave your chip on a minimal gain setting, or have it setup by […]

Exhaust Systems

How Exhaust Gas Flows best! The hotter the gas is, the faster it will flow through pipework.Hot gas is much less dense than colder gas and takes up a lot more space inside the pipework. It is important to keep this gas speed as high as possible, through proper exhaust size selection. The faster it […]


There are two main factors in what makes an intercooler work effectively. 1. Pressure Drop2. Heat Rejection #1 Pressure Drop Is exactly as it sounds. If you put 13psi into the intercooler and receive 10psi out of it.You have a 3psi pressure drop across the intercooler.Clearly the lower this drop is, the better the intercooler […]

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