Toyota 1HZ Exhaust Manifold with T3 Turbocharger Flange + External Wastegate Port

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Toyota 1HZ split-pulse exhaust manifold with a T3 flange

Compatible with 1HZ and all 1HD engines. Square port design (FT & FTE). With T3 turbo flange and external wastegate port.

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Toyota 1HZ manifold with T3 flange and external wastegate port
Toyota 1HZ Exhaust Manifold with T3 Turbocharger Flange + External Wastegate Port $799.00$935.00 inc. GST
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A Toyota 1HZ exhaust manifold with a T3 flange is an aftermarket part that allows you to mount a T3 turbocharger to your 1HZ, 1HD, 1HD-T, 1HD-FT & 1HD-FTE engine. The 1HZ engine is a 4.2L straight-six diesel engine that was used in a variety of Toyota vehicles, including the Land Cruiser 80 & 105 series. It is known for its reliability and durability, making it a popular choice for off-road and overlanding vehicles.

The T3 flange is a common turbocharger flange that is used by a variety of manufacturers for example, Garrett or UFI. This makes it easy to find a T3 turbocharger that will fit your Toyota 1HZ engine.

Our Toyota 1HZ Exhaust manifold with a T3 turbo flange is manufactured from high-quality SiMo ductile cast iron, meaning that it is able to withstand deformation under load at high temperatures, perfect for these manifolds.

We have engineered this manifold to use a split pulse design that significantly improves over traditional merge or log-type manifolds by keeping the exhaust pulses separated before they enter the turbine housing. This results in increased cylinder scavenging, increased torque, and power across the RPM range, as well as better response from the turbocharger.

The exhaust port design is square, to work with the 1HD-FT & 1HD-FTE. But will also bolt on and work flawlessly with the 1HZ and 1HD-T engines.

This manifold is designed to work with a T3 flange based turbo. If you are using a CT26 based turbo, please take a look at our Toyota 1HZ Exhaust Manifold with CT26 flange.

How is our 1HZ exhaust manifold finished?

Our exhaust manifold will come as a raw finished product or HPC coated in extreme temp black – please choose the option you’d like when placing the order.

All our exhaust manifolds will come with:

  • Turbine to manifold gasket.
  • High tensile steel studs (or optional Inconel Studs).
  • Stainless washers.
  • Wurth copper-coated lock nuts.

Optional Inconel Studs

Our Inconel 625 studs can also be optioned (if required) for extreme temp applications.


There will be various options for freight which will highly depend on how urgent the product needs to be delivered. Road freight is usually a maximum of 7-12 days from the East Coast to the West Coast and is also the cheapest option.

Freight prices will be automatically calculated at the checkout once you select the type of freight required.

International customers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a direct freight quote before ordering. As we use various companies to ship to different parts of the world.

1HZ Exhaust manifold bulk orders

For orders of more than one manifold at a time please email us at SALES@TILLIX.COM.AU so we can get an accurate freight quote for them boxed together.


What is cylinder scavenging?

Cylinder scavenging is the process of removing the exhaust gases from the cylinder of an internal combustion engine and replacing them with fresh air or air-fuel mixture. This is important because exhaust gases are inert and do not burn, so they will reduce the power output of the engine if they are not removed.

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Weight 6.7 kg
Dimensions 66 × 15 × 14 cm





RAW, Extreme Temp HPC

Turbo Studs



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