ZD30 Turbo to Dump Pipe Stud kit (8×1.25mm)

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ZD30 Turbo to Dump Pipe Stud kit, This kit is to fasten the turbocharger to the exhaust manifold.    

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ZD30 Turbo to Dump Pipe Stud kit. This kit is to fasten the dump pipe to the turbocharger. If you are looking to buy a complete kit including EGR and manifold studs please click here [INSERT LINK HERE]

Exhaust manifold studs made in Australia.

These studs will not stretch or break as the factory steel items do. This will prevent repeated repairs as is commonplace with most weak factory steel studs.

As Inconel 625 has a high resistance to corrosion, these studs will not rust and cause issues down the track if components need to be removed for replacement or maintenance.

The ZD30 Turbo to dump pipe stud kits are 8 x 1.25mm on both ends of the stud. The overall length is 35.5mm. 9mm into the turbo, 6mm shank and 19.5mm protruding.

These studs have a stamped internal 4mm hex drive to make them easy to fit and reduce the chance of thread damage by the use of external stud installation tools.

The prevailing torque lock nuts supplied in these kits are German made copper-coated steel with Australian made 316 grade stainless steel washers.

Inconel 625 offers superior resistance to fatigue from heat and pressure well above standard high tensile steel fasteners which ensures the correct clamping pressure is always applied during its service life.

We offer our Inconel studs in various sizes to suit a wide range of applications.

Ford Barra Stud kits : https://www.tillix.com.au/product/ford-barra-inconel-exhaust-manifold-stud-kit/
TD42 Stud Kits: https://www.tillix.com.au/product/inconel-exhaust-manifold-stud-kit-td42-patrol/

Detailed information on the properties and makeup of Inconel 625 can be found on the following web site.


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