EGR Delete Kit TD42Ti

$125.00 inc. GST

Complete EGR removal kit to suit Nissan Patrol GU TD42Ti (2003-2006)

EGR Delete Kit TD42Ti
EGR Delete Kit TD42Ti $125.00 inc. GST
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EGR Delete kit to suit Nissan Patrol GU TD42Ti (Factory Turbo/Intercooler 2003-2006)

A very common fault among older TD42’s is the EGR tube that runs around the back of the engine. It is common for it to break off from the exhaust manifold. Allowing extremely hot exhaust gas to blow into the firewall and surrounding components.

Removal of this tube and its associated EGR cooler components will help reduce the strain on the factory cooling system. It no longer has to cool the hot exhaust gas before it re-enters the intake manifold. Freeing up the cooling system to deal with more important engine cooling.

Anyone that has serviced a TD42Ti knows how painful it is to remove the oil filters with the EGR cooler and all its bracketry, pipework, coolant hoses, and vacuum hoses attached.

Once these components have been removed, it opens the drivers side of the engine compartment up significantly.

This EGR delete kit comes with new Inconel studs and copper wurth locknuts as the old studs often bind up and come out when removing the factory egr tube.

The water supply blank plate and heater hose joiner are manufactured from 316 Grade stainless steel so they will never rust or need to be replaced in the future.

The hotside (Exhaust manifold) blank plate comes with a genuine Nissan MLS gasket.
The intercooler blank comes with a genuine Nissan Graphite gasket.
The water supply blank comes with an Australian made (OEM Equivelant) Impregnated paper gasket.

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